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LASIK Vision Correction

Choose Lasik Vision Correction for your eye treatment LASIK eye surgery is a complicated procedure that involves a cool beam of light from a laser to reshape the cornea, which helps with re-aligning the way light enters the eye helping in correcting previous impairments.

Our doctors are widely recognized for the ability to produce great results in correcting vision for LASIK eye surgery patients.

LASIK Eye Surgery at NY/NJ LASIK Center
The procedure in which our doctors perform the surgery includes these steps: First, our doctors receive a map of the patient's refractive errors using state of the art diagnostic equipment. Next, our doctors perform a corneal flap (a microsopic layer of the cornea), which is folded back so the tissue is exposed for study. By using the excimer laser, our doctors are able to reshape the cornea and replace the corneal flap. So there is little to no pain, LASIK Eye Surgery is performed with numbing eye drops and no stitches or needles are used in the procedure.

These years of experience, surgical skills, and leading technology in eye mapping and eye tracking skills, greatly aids our doctors in correcting refractive errors such as:

Nearsightedness - trouble focusing on objects at distant because of steep cornea

Farsightedness - trouble focusing on objects close due to flat cornea

Astigmatism - trouble seeing at all distance because of a problem due to the shape of the cornea

The patients our doctors treat normally have their vision clear within a day, so they are able to return to work very shortly. Full eye surgery healing generally takes a week. During this time, the patient may subject to minor visual fluctuations as well as dryness within the eye.

Alternative Methods to LASIK
For patients that have too thin of a cornea for LASIK treatment, there are other options that our doctors will recommend such as LASEK and PRK, which produces similar eye treatment results. Both treatments involve the complete removal of the epithelium (superficial layer of the cornea) before the excimer laser treatment. With LASEK, the epithelium is returned to it's original position after the surgery. PRK is a bit different because the eye is covered right after surgery to allow new epithelial cells to generate.

These are great alternative methods to produce permanent eye correction results. Unlike LASIK, LASEK and PRK generally requires a few days of rest so that the eye can heal.

Our doctors will provide information for the best treatment available for you.

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What Patients Say

I completed my Lasik procedure here just over 2 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier.  I went in on Friday for my 2 week checkup and the doctor tells me everything has healed perfectly and properly!
- Ben, NY