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No-Blade LASIK Custom LASIK FAQs

At our facility, our doctors are well-qualified LASIK eye surgeons that have gained the recognition of vision correction patients all the way from New York City to through out the world. At our state-of-the-art LASIK Eye Surgery Center, our doctors are here to provide excellent patient care and safe vision correction surgeries with amazing results.

Our mission is simple; we aim to provide each and every LASIK eye surgery patient that visits us with the very best in care and treatment they can receive by using a combination of the latest technology available with the care of our highly regarded doctors. Our doctors use some of the best available technology in the field including Blade Free LASIK and Custom Lasik. Patients from all over the world continually seek out our services when in need of eliminating their dependence on corrective eye wear.

The doctors who work at our LASIK eye center perform premium eye correction services which has helped sky rocket our reputation and build trust among our patients establishing our eye corrective services as the best in the country. Many of our doctors have even trained many up-and-coming eye surgeons to help them advance in the field of LASIK eye surgery. Thousands of patients from NYC and all over the world have had their eyes corrected by our doctors and can now live out their lives with perfect vision, free from the hassle of corrective eye wear.

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I completed my Lasik procedure here just over 2 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier.  I went in on Friday for my 2 week checkup and the doctor tells me everything has healed perfectly and properly!
- Ben, NY