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At our state-of-the art LASIK center located in the heart of Manhattan, only the most advanced technologies and laser equipments are used to diagnose and treat vision disorders. We utilize Intralase iFS 150 kHZ All-Laser LASIK and Visx STAR S4 technologies, among others. Only a few centers in the world utilize this most recent and advanced version of Intralase All-Laser LASIK, also called iFS 150.  STAR S4 is made by VISX, the name that surgeons have trusted over millions of procedures.

  • Unlike other eye-tracking technology VISX STAR S4 IR ActiveTrak requires no pupil dilation resulting in a quick recovery.
  • VISX STAR S4 utilizes 3D eye tracking technology.
  • VISX STAR S4 variable beam technology allows our doctors greater flexibility and accuracy in corneal shaping.
  • VISX STAR S4 laser system's procedure time is shorter than many other laser systems enhancing comfort as well as safety.

COMFORT: No Dilation Required

Unlike other systems, ActiveTrak™ does not require the doctor to dilate your pupils. Allowing for a quick and more comfortable recovery.

SAFETY: 3D Active Eye Tracking

ActiveTrak™ is the only system that allows the doctor to track your eye movement in 3D giving the doctor greater control of your eye movement during treatment.

ACCURACY: Variable Sized Beams

The VISX STAR S4 uses seven laser beams of various sizes and shapes to enhance treatment flexibility resulting in precise corneal shaping with faster and smoother treatments.

The Orbscan II Technology takes laser vision correction to a new level. It provides a map of the eye to diagnose many cornea irregularities prior to surgery. This revolutionary system only takes 1.5 seconds and provides 9,000 checkpoints of data about your eye. This assists us in developing a custom-tailored plan specific to your eye care needs and helps us achieve 20/20 (or better) vision in the great majority of cases.
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